About Us

     “Every piece has a story, every person has a story.” Isaiah Bond takes second hand clothing using these vintage pieces as a canvas to create ensembles made from almost anything he can find: cut up t shirts, deconstructed swim shorts, bandanas and even bed sheets. Unlike modern, fast fashion, meant to be discarded as soon as the current trend falls out of favor, vintage clothing items were constructed with a made to last quality.
    Upcycling these used pieces emphasizes sustainability, by calling their durability and quality into active service again. Label founder Isaiah Bond’s vintage sourcing expeditions have taken place not only in expected locales like thrift stores and yard sales, but choice finds in deserted alleyways have literally reclaimed goods marked for the garbage heap.
    The items selected for Bond’s upcycling process go beyond physical alteration. A method that unapologetically chops up your favorite vintage tee is a lesson in learning how to let go. We often attach ourselves to material things, but nothing is permanent; life is continuously evolving. The final products resulting from this reconstructed evolution become one of a kind art pieces.