The Journey of “Building the Bond” with OCD CLEANERS

The Journey of “Building the Bond” with OCD CLEANERS

(Story continued from IG @ocd.cleaners)

I remember taking that first big leap of faith with some vintage clothes re-worked in Long Beach, CA. It was a tough decision, but I committed to the path of pursuing OCD Cleaners with a newborn (Ellie ☺️❤️💪 IYKYK) and learned new techniques outside of tie-dye and distressing garments. This was the basis of our brand and later became the path that allowed us to discover a new medium of storytelling through clothing.

If you’ve followed the journey, you’re familiar with our story and appreciate you stayin tuned. The phases of growth and momentum at times became overwhelming, but it takes resilience to keep getting up after you fall down while navigating the ever-changing environment of operating a brand mixed with life.

The goal remains set on becoming consistent in our practice and providing increased context to our community about what we do and who we are as a brand.

Our passion for storytelling was cemented through exposure to a variety of educational pathways blended with religion and art at an early age. Telling my story through the brand has become a form of therapy and healing. It has blessed me with countless opportunities to meet like-minded people who have shared their testimony on how OCD Cleaners has impacted them. This organic connectivity between like-minded human beings led to the discovery of our mission statement: "Building the Bond."

Our DIY methodology is rooted in our passion for vintage garments that evoke nostalgia and am continuing to learn new ways to integrate sustainability into OCD's mission. The majority of our appliqués are cut from graphic tees that have aged beyond repair, scrap fabrics, or deconstructed items that were once decorated by patches and unique embellishments for various brands and organizations.

As I reflect on the journey, I can't help but express supreme levels of gratitude and love to the people that have invested in OCD as a brand and me as a person. The patience, advice, and belief in what we do is invaluable.

Here's a preview of some new reworked vintage workwear shirts and jackets – these are by far are some of our best creations to date! With the utmost respect and humility I say Thank YOU for your patience, support and encouragement! I couldn’t do this without you.

Check out our JOURNAL section on our web-store (link in bio) to read the full story of our evolution as a brand and learn more about our mission to "Build the Bond." Thank you for your patience while we redesign a custom website that is more user-friendly. Peace & Love!

- Isaiah Bond

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